The Official Channel 4 page - big budget website. Not. by Mike Brown - the as-official-as-it-gets Countdown fansite! - Adrian Dover's thorough analysis of the success of letter game strategies from 1997-2000. Has been taken offline by Birmingham Uni. Here's why

Series 52 RecapsSoo Reams and friends have been tracking the program.

Robovord - We're not worthy! We're not worthy! This number game solver by John Francis Rowland is very fast. - Good overview of Countdown, though a little out-of date.

Whiteley Wisdom - Quotes from the man himself. Also have a look at it's sister page - Jokes only Richard can tell. - This is where I picked the ABLE wordlist used in the wordgames

Merriam Webster Dictionary - site I've linked to for word definitions in the letter solution pages - my wap link page. This is what I use as a homepage for my phone. Feel free to use it.