Numbers Solution Help


You give Karol* a set of 6 numbers and a target number. She will try to create a calculation using some or all of the 6 numbers to reach the target. She may add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers, which can be used once at most.


Well, what can I say? Select each of the 6 numbers, type in the target and press the button. Karol only cares if she can get a solution to within 10 of the target, so she's not going to jump over hoops to try to get 1 , 1, 1, 1, 1 and 1 to get to 999.

*Karol is a real person. Every time you press the 'Go' button, she actually shuffles through two sets of magnetic cards, deals out your numbers and types them into a terminal. When she's not doing this, she's working out the solutions to numbers games, allocating random letters for letters games (again using a set of real magnetic cards), spinning the konundrum selector, and making the tea. She's very good at her job, but is a bit shy. 'Karol' is not her real name.